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Special Coverage
In addition to covering new items that come with a manufacturer warranty, SquareTrade
has created specialized coverage for eBay users.
Issue Manufacturer Warranty SquareTrade Coverage*
Seller is not
authorized dealer.
Many cell phone, GPS device and car electronics manufacturers will not honor their warranty on items bought on eBay. Covered.
cell phones.
Most cell phone manufacturers will not honor their warranty on unlocked cell phones. Covered.
Gray-market / International items. Many camera and cell phone manufacturers will not honor their warranty on international items. Covered.
Non-manufacturer refurbished items. None Covered.
Used items. None Covered.
Common covered issues (and their symptoms) include:
  • Common Cell Phone covered issues include:
    • Corrosion/rust of the battery casing
      • Symptoms: Battery loses charge rapidly or you cannot charge battery.
    • Broken circuit board connection
      • Symptoms: Microphone or speaker loses its connection so you can not hear others or vice versa. Keyboard loses its connection and doesn't function. Side buttons stop working.
    • LCD cable losing connection
      • Symptoms: White screen or Dark screen.
    • Power port corroded / worn down
      • Symptoms: Will not charge or Charger will not connect / stay connected.
    • Motherboard short-circuit
      • Symptoms: Randomly powers down or LCD or calls fail intermittently. Freezing. Signal drops / drops calls right away.
    100% Parts & Labor Coverage.
    We pay you full item cost if item can't be fixed.
We service claims within 5 days. Here's how:
We have a unique 5 day service guarantee(1). Your item's repaired or you're paid out within five days, or your service and the warranty are both free.

We often will reimburse you the full replacement value. This is especially true for most items below $500, or if it's going to take too long or is too expensive to fix.

Working with us is easy. At time of claim, we'll give you a pre-paid UPS shipping label. For high value items like laptops, cameras and GPS, we'll also give you a free shipping box to keep your item safe. Larger items like bigger TVs and major appliances get free in-home service.

It's all in your control. You get email updates at every step, and you can always log on to our site to track your claim.

1. The guarantee only applies to US customers. For big items with in-home service, we will have assigned you a local store within 5 business days of being notified of a valid issue. We cannot guarantee repair times for in-home service since you must schedule the repairs. The guarantee does not include transit times or shipping times.
The Best Warranty at the Best Price
These prices are on average 40% less than other warranties you find at retailers. SquareTrade cuts out the middleman - the retailer. We pass these savings back to you.
  Other Warranties SquareTrade Savings
Dell XPS Laptop - $1200 $299.99 (Dell) $124.99 $175
Apple 80GB iPod - $240 $59.99 (Best Buy) $29.99 $30
Kodak Camera - $140 $34.99 (Circuit City) $19.99 $15
Samsung 61in TV - $2169 $399.99 (Best Buy) $314.99 $85
Low Price Guarantee
We’re serious about providing the best warranty price possible. You can save up to 60% or more over other warranties with SquareTrade and we back it up with a unique Low Price Guarantee.

If you find a comparable 3-year warranty that is less expensive than SquareTrade’s Protection Plan, we will gladly refund you 110% of the difference. Comparable warranties must meet the following criteria:
  1. Be available for this item,
  2. Have no deductible for service,
  3. Valid for 3 years from date of purchase or 2 years from the expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty,
  4. Underwritten by an insurance carrier rated A or more by AM Best Company.
  5. Found within 30 days of your SquareTrade purchase.
To claim on this guarantee, just call or email us and let us know which warranty you've found a better price for. You’ll be required to verify the price, either by showing us the website you found it on or by faxing/emailing the warranty price on a receipt.
We take care of you within 5 days OR your warranty and service are free.
Filing a Claim. Do it online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It's quick and easy. Or call us at 877-900-7283 M-F 6am - 5pm (PST).

Paperwork. If the item was bought on eBay, no papers / receipts are needed. For store-bought items, we'll need a copy of the receipt - you can also send it to us at time of purchase of warranty, and we'll keep it on file for you.

You send it in (most items). We'll give you a pre-paid UPS shipping label. Print it out, box up your item and mail it to our repair depot. Laptops, TVs - pls. read the Special Treatment Box on the right side.

We take a look and decide how to process your claim.
  • Reimburse: For most items below $500, or it's going to take too long or is too expensive to fix, we'll pay you the replacement price of your item. We give you a free shipping label to make it easy to send in your item.
  • Repair: Otherwise, our experts will fix your item and we'll mail your item back to you at no cost.
  • No cheap refurbs: We will not replace your item with a refurbished model. With a reimbursement from SquareTrade, you can go out and get a newer model for the same price you paid originally.
We keep you updated. At every step of the way, we email you.

We have a unique 5 day service guarantee. We will reimburse the full replacement value if the item can't be fixed, OR fix your item and ship it back within 5 business days of receiving it at the depot. For large items with in-home service, a local technician will contact you to schedule service within 5 business days of claim approval. (Repair times for in-home service are not guaranteed since repairs are scheduled by the customer.)

If we don't meet our service guarantee, tell us. We will gladly make your warranty free of cost to you. The service guarantee does not apply to Canadian residents - however we will try to expedite their repairs as much as possible.
Special treatment
For laptops, we send out a pre-paid express shipping kit specially made to keep your computer safe during transit. It's sent back the same way.
For big items like desktop computers, televisions larger than 37" and appliances, we arrange for a top local-to-you shop to have a look, either at the shop or in your home. We pick up the tab, naturally.
Meet some of our depots
SquareTrade handles all the claims in house. But when it's time for diagnostics and repairs, we work with the best in the business.
Precision Camera: It is the world's largest camera service facility, and has been doing business since 1948. They are the only facility authorized to service every major digital camera and camcorder OE, and service over half a million cameras per year.
Nexicore Technology Repair: Nexicore, which provides our "Laptop Express" program for expedited laptop repair service, employs over 150 technicians and engineers dedicated to computer repairs.
ANEW Business Solutions: ANEW is a leading provider of repair and refurbishment services. They have a 110,000 square foot facility in Grapevine, TX, and provide service for many of the largest electronics retailers in the US and Canada.

SquareTrade’s mission is to provide excellent and affordable warranty coverage to consumers.

Our warranties are offered by many online and in-store retailers and we protect thousands of consumer electronics and appliances, including smartphones, tablets, laptops, televisions, video game consoles and digital cameras.

If your retailer does not offer SquareTrade warranties, you can always purchase one directly through our website. Either way, you’ll be covered by the only warranty service consistently rated 5-stars by consumers.

We encourage you to read our customer reviews on sites like:

SquareTrade gets 5-Star ratings

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If you are looking for details on iPhone or Cell Phone coverage, please click here.
Covered Issues
Our standard warranty covers all mechanical and electrical failures that occur during normal use. You get 100% Parts & Labor coverage with zero deductibles.

Some examples of covered issues include computer hard drive failures, iPod batteries that stop charging, cell phone keypads that get stuck, and digital camera sensor failures. You can see some examples of what we cover here see details

Length of Coverage
Your Protection Plan length of coverage depends on where you bought your warranty and the condition of the item when you bought it.
For New Items: Coverage lasts 1-5 years as indicated at the time that you purchase your Protection Plan. This coverage starts on the date of purchase of the covered item.

For Refurbished iPhones & iPads: Coverage lasts 2-3 years, as indicated at the time you purchase your Protection Plan. This coverage begins upon the expiration of any existing manufacturer’s warranty.

For Refurbished & Used Items Purchased from eBay: Coverage lasts 1-2 years, as indicated at the time you purchase your Protection Plan. This coverage starts on the day after the manufacturer’s warranty expires, or if there isn’t a manufacturer’s warranty, on the 46th day after your item purchase. Note: This means that your item is not covered for issues occurring within the first 45 days after you purchase your item. Coverage for Used items is only available for items sold on eBay.

For items with delayed shipment: If you purchase an item that doesn't ship immediately, as long as you can provide us with proof of the actual date the item was shipped, we will be happy to change your coverage start and end date. To do this, please call us at 1-877-WARRANTY (1-877-927-7268).

Coverage Amount
For replacement payments: You are covered up to the maximum value you paid for the item. Once we pay out that amount, your Protection Plan is considered fulfilled. If you would like coverage on your new item, you need to purchase a new warranty for it.

For Repairs: The Protection Plan is good for multiple repairs, up to the maximum value of your item. Once the cost of repairs meets the full purchase price of the item, your Protection Plan is considered fulfilled.

Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) coverage
ADH coverage is available for new, store-purchased items and protects against drops and spills. It does not cover loss, willful damage or gross misuse.

ADH is typically offered as part of your Protection Plan for iPhones, iPads, Smartphones, Tablets/eReaders, Laptops, Cameras, and MP3 Players. It is also offered as an option for, Portable Gaming Devices, GPS Devices, and other portable electronics.

Exclusions: Refer to the details of the contract for the full list, but there are 5 notable exclusions to your coverage.
  • Pre-existing conditions: Items sold in non-working or partially working conditions. We consider any mechanical or electrical issues occurring on refurbished iPhones and iPads during the first 30 days and used or refurbished eBay items during the first 45 days to be a pre-existing condition (we DO cover accidents in the first 30 for refurbished iPhones and iPads (first 45 days for eBay items) if you purchased Accidental Damage from Handling coverage).
  • Accidental damage: Unless Accidental Damage from Handling Protection is purchased, we don’t cover items that are accidentally damaged - such as water damage, dropped iPods, and cracked laptop screens.
  • Accessories and Consumer replaceable parts: We don’t cover accessories and parts that are meant to be replaced by the consumer, such as batteries and ink cartridges. We DO cover internal batteries, such as iPod batteries.
  • Software: We don’t cover software issues. We will help you troubleshoot the issue though to determine if it's a software or hardware issue.
  • Certain Types of Items: Industrial equipment used commercially such as servers or items fraudulently misrepresented are not covered. Please call us to find out if your item falls into this category
eBay Items
We have specialized coverage for eBay users. We cover used & refurbished items as well as new items without a manufacturer warranty (e.g., gray-market item or seller not authorized dealer). See more details.

See Service Agreement for full details

80% of all iPhone failures are caused by accidents. Our warranties protects against drops, spills, and other accidents.

SquareTrade offers special Protection Plans for these devices, because cell phones are often purchased at a subsidized price with a contract from the wireless carrier, where the purchase price is a fraction of the true replacement cost.

All Protection Plans for new iPhones & Smartphones* include Accidental Damage from Handling (ADH) coverage, which protects them against drops, spills, and other accidents.

iPhones: There is a $75 deductible for all claims. Please refer to for further details.

Smartphones: There is a $75 deductible for all claims. Please refer to for further details.

*Does not apply to phones purchased on eBay.

5-Day Service Guarantee: SquareTrade will reimburse the item price or fix your item and ship it back within five business days of receiving it at the depot -- or your warranty is free. (since in-home service is dependent on the customer's schedule, in-home repair times are not guaranteed within five days).

If we don’t meet our service guarantee, let us know. We will gladly refund you the full cost of your Protection Plan. See more details here

SquareTrade’s claim process is painless. You can start a claim 24/7 online or call us at 1-877-WARRANTY (1-877-927-7268) and select our claim filing option. Claim agents are available by phone Monday thru Friday 9 am - 8 pm EST. Rest assured that it will go fast with our unique 5-day service guarantee.

Download a prepaid
shipping label.
Free Express shipping
to our depot.
Your item and claim
are verified.
SquareTrade fixes it or
pays the cost to replace
– in five days or your
warranty is free.
How we handle Claims:
Depot Service. For most (smaller) items, you will download a free pre-paid shipping label to send the item in to our service depot. For some fragile items such as laptops and iPhones, we may express ship a special box (free of charge) to you to ensure that the item avoids further damage during transportation.

Free in-Home Service. For Appliances and TVs 37"+, we will arrange for a reputable local repair technician to examine and repair your device.

Once we've received the item:
Repair. If your item is repairable, our experts will fix your item and we'll express ship the item back to you right away (shipping is always free).

Reimbursement. For most items below $500, or if it's going to take too long or is too expensive to fix, we'll reimburse you the full replacement value of item. We give you the option to receive payment via PayPal or check.

You will receive email updates to keep you informed at every step of the claims process or you can check the status at any point in time on our website.

For items still covered by a manufacturer warranty at the time of claim:

First, we will help you file a claim with your manufacturer by locating their contact information.

If the manufacturer replaces or repairs your item, your SquareTrade Protection Plan will cover your manufacturer repaired or replaced item.

If the manufacturer refuses to honor their warranty because they consider your item grey market or not purchased from an authorized retailer, we may still be able to cover you.
Hassle-Free Buying
It's easy to buy - just click Get a Warranty from our homepage, and tell us a bit about your item, the price, and when you bought it.

There's no pressure to buy a SquareTrade Protection Plan. You have up to 30 days from the original purchase date to buy your SquareTrade warranty. If you aren't ready to buy, use the “email me this quote” option to save the quote, and we'll remind you for up to a week to buy it.

To buy, you do NOT need to provide:

— Serial Number

— Proof of purchase (although we highly encourage you to email/fax us the receipt, so that you don’t have to dig it out at claims time).

Types of Items covered
Protection Plans are available for most new electronics and large appliances costing less than $4000, regardless of whether they are purchased through eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, or a local retailer. SquareTrade offers Protection Plans directly for new items only (with one exception, we cover refurbished iPhones and iPads). Some of our resellers offer Protection Plans on refurbished items, given that the item was also purchased through that reseller. Used items are only eligible when purchased on eBay.

We do not sell warranties on private transactions between individuals — includes items bought on or other classifieds.

For items bought outside of eBay: you need to have a copy of the item's receipt (with the purchase date and price) on file with SquareTrade before a claim can be processed. You can email or fax a copy of your receipt at any time.

Paperless Warranty Portal
As soon as you purchase your first SquareTrade warranty, an online warranty account is created for you. Your warranty portal allows you to view all your warranties in one place, no matter which retailer you purchased the item from.

Because all of your warranty information is stored online, you don’t have to dig around for any warranty paperwork.

The only thing we DO need is your proof of item purchase, and you can email or fax us your item receipt so you don’t have to dig it out at the time of claim.

For items bought on eBay, SquareTrade keeps a copy of the eBay auction information in our records, so you do not need to submit a receipt at any time.
Cancellations and Refunds
You can cancel your Protection Plan at any time!

If you cancel within 30 days from the purchase of the Protection Plan, we will provide you with a full refund. If you choose to cancel after this period, we will pro-rate your refund based on how much time has passed.

Transferring Warranties
You can transfer your Protection Plan for any reason at any time at no cost. You can do this at My Plans or by by calling us at 1-877-WARRANTY (1-877-927-7268).

We highly recommend that you provide the item receipt or purchase confirmation to SquareTrade for non-eBay items. This will help us process any warranty claims from the new owner without them having to provide proof of purchase at time of claim.

The Perfect Gift
It’s easy to give a SquareTrade warranty as a gift. All you have to do is:

1. Login to your SquareTrade account and go to the “My Plans” page.

Click My Warranties

2. Click one of your active plans to view the details and “Quick Links” for that plan.

Click one of your warranties

3. Under “Quick Links”, click “Manage my receipt” to submit your receipt to us via email or fax, so that the gift recipient won't need to provide their receipt when filing a claim.

Click Manage Receipt<

4. Under “Quick Links”, click “Transfer plan” and fill in the contact details of the person whom you want to give the SquareTrade Protection Plan to as a gift.

Click Transfer Plan
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